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Preparation of Base Map

Prepare base map showing existing water supply system, roads, drains and other salient features, city master plan etc in different layers. This can be done from GT Sheet of Survey of India, Engineering surveys of city undertaken by different agencies and city master plan drawings, ward map, existing infrastructure map of different utilities etc

Rehabilitation of Existing System

Assess deficiencies in the existing water supply system for current flow and for design flows. Make preliminary design and estimate of rehabilitation requirements.

Augmentation of Source

Assess water source required in design year ie after 30 years. Assess capacity of present source. Decide suitable source to meet the defiviency in source. Ensure proposed source sustainable. Consider various alternative and sustainable sources possible and determine preliminary initial cost and operational cost for each alternative source.

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Treatment of Water

Assess treatment requirement of proposed source.

Raw Water Storage Tanks

Raw water is required when water is taken from canal and to act storage for canal closure/repair period. Capacity of storage depends on closure/repair period of canal

Clear Water Storage  Tanks

For Pumping Stations :
Clear water storage is provided after water treatment plant, capacity 30 minute to 2 hour to provide uninterupted suppl y during power failure, if power outage duration is more provide storage for maximum power outage expected in normal circumstances. In case of molti stage pumping these reservoirs are also provided to feed water to pumps and to provide uninterupted water supply during power outage. Capacity is about 2 hours and depends on power outage duration.

Disribution Reservoirs :
Water to consumers is supplied from these reservoirs and should be located at higher level so that consumer get water at required terminal pressure. These may be on ground if levels permit otherwise elevated reservoirs are provided. One distribution reservoir is provided for each distribution zone.

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Raw Water Pumping Stations

This is generally required to pump raw water from source to water treatment plant. It may be in one stage or more depending on distance and elevation.

Raw Water Pumping Mains

Pipe line from raw water source to treatment plant. It may have free flow or under pressure.

Extension of Distribution System

The distribution system is to be extended to cover all roads and in area of city to which it will extend during next say 20 years

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Water Conservation

Optimal use of available water resources, prevention and control of wastage of water, WDM.

Water Demand Management

Reducing water demand by optimal utilization of water supplies, using low capacity & dual capacity cisterns, promote reuse and recycling of treated waste water

Mechanisation, Instrumentation & Automation

Automation in operation of tube wells, pumping stations, WTPs and total water supply system through mechanization, instumentation and SCADA

Assesment of Requirement for Engineering Survey and Investigations for DPR

Make assessment of engineering surveys required to prepare DPR.


General :
All actions required to be taken to complete implementation of master plan, identifying the agencies responsible for taking these actions. A detailed time table for actions to be taken should be presented.

Priortise :
On the basis of low cost, easy implementable, more benefits

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