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Land Use Forecast

City master plan/development plan controls growth of city in scientific manner accordingly stipulates population densities for different areas in future. This data helps in projecting future population of city and wards.

Population Forecast

City Population Forecast :

  • Birth-death-migration,
  • Arithmetic increase,
  • incremental increase,
  • Geometrical increase,
  • Decreasing rate of growth,
  • Graphical method based on single city or based on cities with similar growth,
  • S shaped logistic curve,
  • Based on Densities

Ward Population :

The ward boundaries frequently change and as such previous decadal ward population figures are not available. As such ward population is projected using master plan land use densities or assuming growth of each ward such that densely populated ward grow at less rate and low density wards grow at higher rates.

Population outside Municipal area : 
The wards are only in municipal boundary. As such total population of city projected minus population of all wards give population of area outside municipal boundary. The land use densities can also be used to find population of area outside municipal boundary.

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Project Area Forecast

The municipal boundary will extend in next 20-30 years. The project planning will be for the area of city likely to be after 20/30 years. As such extended area should be found out. This can be as per City Master Plan/Development Plan if available or fresh analysis is required.