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Design & detailled engineering, construction of all components, support activities (Staff training, improving billing and accounting, consumer education, community involvement,  mapping existing system & developing GIS, Service Charter etc), conducting special studies etc.

Basis Unit Rates

Outline basic assumptions made for unit prices and how unit prices derived.


Summary of estimated cost of each component for each year. Work out per capita cost on the basis of design population, cost per unit of water and compare with norms if any laid down or with similar projects.

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Implementation Plan

Prepare a detailled and realistic implementation schedule for all components such as preparation of DPR, additional field investigations required, preparation of tender documents, time for receipt of tender, processing tenders, award of work, construction period,testing, trials, commissiuoning. support activities etc.

Phasing of Investment

The works required to cover existing population may be taken up in phase 1 and works required in next 20 years to cater for future growth of town may be proposed in 3-4 phases as per proposed growth of city in master plan.

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