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Study the existing O&M of sewerage system and assess how adequate/inadequate it is. Suggest ways to improve  O&M in future.



Road work, Sewer lines, Bedding, Manholes, Service connection, Rising Main, SPS civil, STP civil, Mechanical SPS, Electrical SPS, Mechanical STP, Electrical STP, Energy cost, Staff cost, Chemicals for STP are important components

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Unit rates are adopted as % of cost of item.

Annual O&M Cost

Based on above components and unit costs annual O & M cost is worked out

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Renewals & Replacement

After completion of life of any element of sewerage system it needs to be replaced. Also sometimes even before expiry of life due to requirement of heavy repairs some parts need replacement. Moreover if necessary renewals are not done in time, one day major renewals shall be required. Therefore estimate the cost for renewals and replacement required every year to keep infrastructure workable.

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