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  • Main Components: Rehabilitation, Sewer Network, SPS, STP,
  • Sub Components: Civil, Mechanical, Electrical

Input Requirement

Data Source

Remarks/Design criteria

Unit costs of SPS, STP, Network

Refer ongoing project costs, actual bid costs of similar works, unit costs in proposed DPRs of other towns


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Basis – Unit Rate

Unit rate per MLD for STP, per KW for SPS, per KM for sewer net work, For rehabilitation unit rate is not possible and as such some more analysis for costing required


For Master Plan purpose to find broad estimate, length of sewer network can be taken 125 m per hectare area of city. The area should be the extended area likely to be in master plan horizon year. In case of DPR the area to be covered in first phase may be taken. Length of existing network can be subtracted from the quantity worked out above if it is to be used. Cost of network including excavation, pipes, appurtenances, road repair, timbering etc may be taken about Rs 5500000 per meter. STP and SPS quantity for master plan may be taken in MLD as the waste generation with 30 years design period and subtract from it the existing capacities. Rate for SPS may be broadly taken as Rs 2000000 per MLD although it will vary considerably as per the topography of city. Rate for STP varies for different processes. For ASP it may be taken about Rs 7000000 per MLD.



Estimate to include 10% physical contingency as detail design and detail estimate not prepared


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