Study on Counter Magnet Areas to Delhi and NCR, 2008
Cover Page
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Migration Study Of Delhi & NCR
Migration To Delhi-Primary Survey
Study Of Existing Counter Magnet Areas
CMA's Selection Process & identification of new CMA's
Proposed CMA's Development Strategy
Stakeholder's Workshop
Anexure I: Quick Assessment
Anexure II: Migration Questionniare
Anexure III: Characteristics Of Migrants
Anexure Iv & V: List Of Top 100 Cities/Districts Sending Major Migration To Delhi
Anexure VI: Migration TO NCTD According to Distance
Anexure VII Part 1: Central Board Of Direct Taxes Notification
Anexure VII Part 2: The Gazette Of India :Extraordinary
Anexure VIII: District/City profile of Proposed CMA’s
Anexure IX: Cost of Urban Development for Urban Extension / New Town in Proposed CMAs
Anexure X: Final Report
Anexure XI: Comments on the Feedback received during the Workshop