Transport Sector in The National Capital Region

The Regional Plan-2001 for NCR notified in January 1989 formulated a set of policies for the control of land uses and development of infrastructure in the region. The Functional Plan on Transport prepared and approved by the NCR Planning Board in 1995 envisaged an organized transport network to improve accessibility and the movement of goods and passengers within the region. The Functional Plan on Transport suggested construction of road and rail linkages along the high-density routes, in and around the Capital and also in the National Capital Region.

Policies & Strategies

Based on the observations and findings of the situational analysis given in RP 2021, the following policy actions are to be provided to achieve the overall objectives of the Regional Plan-2021:

  1. To decongest NCT-Delhi roads, rail and rail terminals by diverting the bypassable traffic from Delhi.
  2. To provide linkages amongst Metro/Regional Urban Settlements in the outlying areas of NCR.
  3. To connect Metro/Regional Centres with the Capital by an efficient and effective transport network for facilitating faster movement of traffic among such centres and NCT-Delhi.
  4. To link the Sub-regional Centres with effective and efficient transport network for facilitating the faster movement of traffic among such centers and higher order settlements.
  5. To directly link other urban nodes having maximum attracting and generating characteristics.
  6. To create the Unified Metropolitan Transport Authority for NCR.

Action Plan on Transport Sector

  1. Better integrated connectivity and accessibility in the region through development of Peripheral Expressways and Mass Rapid Transit System (RRTS).
  2. Unrestricted movement of buses, taxis and auto-rickshaws in NCR.
  3. Rail link between Rewari-Bhiwadi and Rohtak-Hansi proposed.

For more information on Transport Sector in the NCR, please refer to documents below:

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