Evolution of Concept of National Capital Region

Delhi has been experiencing phenomenal growth of population since 1951 recording decennial growth rate of 52.44%, 52.91%, 52.98%, 51.45% and 47.03% during 1951-61, 1961-71, 1971-81 and 1991-01 decades respectively. One of the main causes for this spurt in the growth of population is migration into the city not only from the adjacent states but also from others such as Bihar. The growth of population of Delhi has contributed to increasing congestion and shortages of civic amenities. It has been felt that as Delhi grows, its problems of land, housing, transportation and management of essential infrastructure like water supply and sewerage would become more acute.

It was with this concern that the need for planning Delhi in the regional context was felt:
  • 1956 Interim General Plan suggested that 'serious consideration should be given for a planned decentralization to outer areas & even outside the Delhi region'.

  • 1961 High Powered Board set up under Union Minister for Home Affairs

  • 1962 Master Plan for Delhi emphasized Planning of Delhi in regional context

  • 1973 High Powered Board reconstituted under Union Minister for Works & Housing

  • 1985 Enactment of the National Capital Region Planning Board Act by the Union Parliament, with the concurrence of the participating States of Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh,NCR Planning Board was constituted.