Content Ownership, Moderation and Approval Policy (COMAP)

Following this policy, the website is provided with a role based Content Management system. This CMS helps the website team in giving role specific access of administrator panel to different Users. The Web administrator will also be able to manage information specifically meant for internal use, which will be viewable to all members after the successful login. Admin can create the users by assigning him a particular role and Module to which functions of a particular user are limited. These roles are:

  • Creator: Content creators are responsible for creation/ modification/ deletion of respective content on the website and send it for approval.
  • Moderator: They are responsible for approving the content coming from the creators. A Web Content Updation Template has been designed for taking approvals for MoUDís website updation.
  • Publisher: A publisher could Edit and review the content. He is responsible for publishing the content on the website.

These personnel appointed by the Web Administrator would be responsible for overall quality and quantity of information on the Website. The Web Administrator will be responsible for overall supervision to ensure that authentic and updated information are available on the website.