National Capital Region Planning Board
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Sub - Regional Plans

Preparation of the Sub-Regional Plans

As per the provisions of the NCRPB Act, 1985 under the provisions of Section-17 (1) of the Act, each participating State will prepare a Sub-Regional Plan for the sub-region within that State and the Union territory will prepare a Sub-Regional Plan for the sub-region. Before publishing any Sub-Regional Plan each participating State will refer such Plan to the Board to enable the Board to ensure that such Plan is inconformity with the Regional Plan. The Board after examining a Sub-Regional Plan prepare its observations with regard to the Sub-Regional Plan and placed before the Planning Committee for consideration of the Sub-Regional Plan along with the observations. The Sub-Regional Plan along with observations of the Planning Committee are then placed before the Board for consideration and approval. After approval of the Board, the decision/observations of the Board with regard to Sub-Regional Plan are communicated to the participating States by which such Plan was referred to it. The participating States after due consideration of the observations made by the Board, finalize the Sub-Regional Plan after ensuring that it is inconformity with the Regional Plan. Within the policy framework of Regional Plan-2001, Sub-Regional Plans of Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan sub-regions were finalized by the respective State Governments and were approved by the Board in June 1992 and April 1994 respectively. After the notification of Regional Plan-2021 in September, 2005, the draft Sub-Regional Plan-2021 for U.P., Haryana and Rajasthan sub-regions were considered by the Board and observations were communicated to Govt. of U.P., Govt. of Haryana and Govt. of Rajasthan, respectively for consideration. Subsequently, Govt. of U.P. has approved and published the final Sub-Regional Plan-2021 for U.P. sub-region and Govt. of Rajasthan has also approved the Sub-Regional Plan-2021 for Rajasthan sub-region (District Alwar). Govt. of Haryana has intimated that the Sub-Regional Plan-2021 for Haryana Sub-Region of NCR has been finalized by them. Regarding NCT-Delhi sub-region it was decided by the Board that the MPD-2021 be treated as Sub-Regional Plan for NCT-Delhi. However, the MPD must clearly bring out issues of inter-state connectivity.

Haryana Sub-region
Uttar Pradesh Sub-region
Rajasthan Sub-region
NCT of Delhi Sub-region