National Capital Region Planning Board
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Finance - Roles and Functions

The duties and functions of the Finance and Accounts wing at NCRPB are as follows :

Project Financing

Financial appraisal and sanction of projects relating to infrastructure development projects

Issue of sanction letters for release of loan installments.

Disbursement of loan to the Participating States and their agencies for on-going and new projects


Monitoring the recovery of loans/ penal interest by following vigorous pursuance and monitoring system and clearance of old outstanding dues.

Financial verifications of the progress as well as Utilization Certificate of various infrastructure development projects & submission of reports


Submission of reports/ returns

Submission of reports/ returns to Ministry/ Other agencies

  • Monthly return on I&EBR
  • Quarterly return on I&EBR

      -    Quarterly return on Govt. of  India Guarantee


Resource Mobilization & Fund Management

Manages NCRPB Fund through various sources i.e. Contribution from Ministry of Urban Development and GNCT Delhi & internal accruals

Mobilization of resources from other sources such as market borrowings and from the multilateral/ bilateral agencies

Monitoring and coordinating Technical Assistance (TA) for capacity development and project preparation by multilateral and bi-lateral agencies.



Preparation of Annual Plan

Preparation of Performance Budget and Outcome Budgets and Budget Estimates and submission to Govt..


Maintenance of Loan Accounts

  • To open and maintain loan accounts of the project and implementing agencies,
  • To prepare loan repayment schedule for the principal amount outstanding and interest thereof and forward them to the loanee/implementing agencies,
  • Receipt of loan repayments- principal and interest and posting them in the corresponding loan account ledger,
  • Watching repayments and issue of letters/notices in case of delayed recoveries indicating penal interest due,
  • Monitoring of recoveries of prepayment charges, penal interest charges and other charges/fees relating to loans and accounting thereof and,
  • Yearly Closing of loan accounts and working out Principal Received, Interest Received, Interest Accrued and Interest Receivable Amount for inclusion in Annual Accounts of the Board.

Fund Management

  • To prepare Fund Flow Statement showing inflow and outflow on monthly basis and work out net surplus,
  • To invest net surplus as per the investment policy of the Board- calling for bids from the empanelled banks, processing of the bids etc,
  • To process the case for empanelment of banks as per the policy,
  • To maintain Fixed Deposit Register and monitor maturity dates, receipt of maturity proceeds etc, and
  • To yearly close the register and work out Interest Accrued for inclusion in the final Accounts of the Board

Accounts and Related Aspects

Among other things, the following are key responsibilities :

- Regular maintenance of account

- Preparation & Submission of Annual Accounts and Annual Report of the Board

- Tax matters and planning - Audits for taxation etc., and several other aspects