National Capital Region Planning Board
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In pursuance of the decision of the 25th meeting of the Board held on 12.07.2000, a High Level Group was constituted vide O.M. No. K-14011/2001-DDIB dated 18.01.2001 under the chairmanship of the Union Minister for Urban Development and Poverty Alleviation for the preparation of the Regional Plan with the perspective year 2021. Subsequently, eight Study Groups were constituted by the High Level Group with experts, non-officials and senior officers from various government agencies as members (refer Annexure 1/II). The Study Groups were related to following aspects:

  • NCR Policy zones, demographic profile and settlement pattern

  • Regional land use and rural development

  • Physical infrastructure including transport and communications

  • Utility and service infrastructure including power, water, sewerage, solid waste, drainage, irrigation etc.

  • Social infrastructure including education, health, shelter, recreation, law and order etc.

  • Environment including tourism, heritage, pollution, disaster management etc.

  • Institutional Framework.

  • Economic and Fiscal Policy group including resource mobilization, funding etc.

These Study Groups submitted their reports, which were discussed and deliberated in a two-day seminar held in January 2002 in which members of the Planning Committee, High Level Group, representatives of the development authorities in the region, NGOs etc. attended. The Chairmen of the Study Groups presented their reports.

On the basis of the recommendations of the Study Groups and the discussions held in the seminar, Working Group (refer Annexure 1/III) was constituted to strategise the Regional Plan and to introduce phasing and action plans into the process of the Regional Plan-2021 for better implementation. The Working Group’s recommendations were discussed in the Planning Committee meeting held on 29th September 2003. Based on the suggestions and decisions taken in the said meeting, the draft Regional Plan-2021 was prepared.

The draft Regional Plan-2021 was considered in the 26th meeting of the Board held on 16.01.2004 for publishing the same in order to invite objections/suggestions under Section 12 of the NCRPB Act, 1985. The Board directed to seek suggestions/comments of the constituent States. Accordingly, suggestions/comments from them were invited. The suggestions/comments received were examined and placed before the Board in its 27th meeting held on 28.10.2004. The Board approved the draft Regional Plan-2021 for inviting objections/suggestions under Section 12 of the NCRPB Act, 1985. Consequently, the draft Regional Plan-2021 was published on 27.12.2004 inviting objections/suggestions on various aspects of the Plan from the public, Central and State Governments and the local bodies (refer Annexure 1/IV). After thorough scrutiny and consideration of the objections/suggestions, the Planning Committee, in its 53rd meeting held on 05.05.2005, put forward its recommendations to the Board. The Board, in its 28th meeting held on 09.07.2005, discussed the recommendations and approved the incorporation of the recommendations in the Plan. It also approved the Regional Plan-2021 of NCR for publication and notification under Section 13 of the NCRPB Act, 1985 and Rule 27 of the NCRPB Rules, 1985 (refer Annexure 1/V).