National Capital Region Planning Board
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Planning Committee


The NCR Planning Board under Section 4(1) & (2) of its Act stipulates the constitution of a Planning Committee.  The Member Secretary of the Board is the ex-officio Chairman of the Planning Committee.  The Members of the statutory Committee are given below: 


  • Member Secretary, NCRPB and Chairman
  • Vice-Chairman, Delhi Development Authority
  • Joint Secretary (D&L), Ministry of Urban Development, Govt. of India
  • Financial Commissioner & Principal Secretary, Town & Country Planning Deptt.,
  • Govt. of Haryana
  • Principal Secretary, Housing Deptt., Govt.of  U.P.
  • Principal Secretary, Urban Development & Housing Deptt., Govt. of Rajasthan
  • Principal Secretary (PWD), Govt. of NCT-Delhi
  • Chief Planner, Town & Country Planning Organisation, Govt. of India
  • Director, Town & Country Planning Deptt, Govt of Haryana
  • Chief Town & Country Planner, Town & Country Planning Deptt., Govt. of  U.P.
  • Chief Town Planner (NCR), Town & Country Planning Deptt, Govt. of Rajasthan

Co-opted Members 

  • Chairman & Managing Director, Housing & Urban Development Corpn.
  • Sr. Adviser (HUD), Planning Commission
  • Chief Regional Planner, NCRPB.
  • Functions of the Planning Committee 

    The key Functions of the Planning Committee, as stipulated in Section 9 of the NCR Planning Board Act are to assist the Board: 

    • To prepare and coordinate implementation of the Regional Plan & Functional Plans,
    • To scrutinize the Sub-Regional Plans and all Project Plans for ensuring that the same are in conformity with the Regional Plan,
    • To make such recommendations as it may think necessary to amend or modify any Sub-Regional Plan or any Project Plan &
    • To perform such other functions as may be entrusted to it by the Board.