National Capital Region Planning Board
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Personnel Group

In accordance with the NCRPB Notification No.K-14011/13/85-NCRPB, dated 8.7.1985 , the power to create posts and appoint persons against such posts are with the Personnel Group. The composition of personnel group is as under:

i) Secretary, Ministry of Works and Housing. - Chairman.

ii) Secretary (Expenditure) or his representative. - Member.

iii) Secretary in charge of NCR work  in the Sate of Haryana. - Member.

iv) Secretary in charge of NCR of Work in the State of Rajasthan. - Member

v) Secretaries-in-charge of NCR work  in the State of  Uttar Pradesh. - Member

vi) Member Secretary, NCR Planning Board. - Convenor. 

    1. The Group will have full powers to create posts in the Board.
    2. Selection of personnel for appointment against posts, the maximum of scale of pay of which exceeds Rs. 1,600/- will be made by the Group and appointment of persons selected by the Group will be made after it is approved by the Chairman.
    3. Selection and appointment of posts the maximum of scale of pay of which is equal to or less than Rs. 1,600/- will be made by the Member Secretary..