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NCR Constituent Areas

National Capital Region (NCR) is a unique example of inter-state regional development planning for a region with NCT-Delhi as its core. The National Capital Region as notified covers an area of about 34,144 sq kms falling in the territorial jurisdictions of four State Governments namely, National Capital Territory of Delhi, Haryana, UP, and Rajasthan and constitutes about 1.60% of the country’s land area. Sub-region wise area details are as under:

Sub-Region Name of the Districts Area (in sq kms)
Haryana Faridabad, Gurgaon, Mewat, Rohtak, Sonepat, Rewari, Jhajjhar, Panipat and Palwal 13,428
Uttar Pradesh Meerut, Ghaziabad,Gautam Budha Nagar,Bulandshahr, Hapur and Baghpat 10,853
Rajasthan Alwar 8,380
Delhi NCT of Delhi  1,483
  Total 34,144

NCR is characterized by the presence of highly ecologically sensitive areas like extension of Aravalli ridge, Forests, wild life and bird sanctuaries, rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Hindon, fertile cultivated land, and is a dynamic rural-urban region being the home of 371 lakh people living in 108 towns of which 17 are class I cities and more than 7500 rural settlements (Census 2001). As per Census 2011 (provisional), total population of NCR is 460 lakh and the region now has 20 Class-I cities/towns as compared to 17 earlier as per the 2001 census.

The four constituent Sub-Regions of NCR are given below:

  1. The NCT of Delhi constituting about 4.4% (1,483 sq. km.) of the Region.
  2. The Haryana Sub-Region comprises of nine districts, that is, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Mewat, Rohtak, Sonepat, Rewari, Jhajjhar, Panipat and Palwal together constituting about 39.3% (13,428 sq. km.) of the Region;
  3. The Uttar Pradesh Sub-Region comprises of five districts, that is, Meerut, Ghaziabad, Gautam Budha Nagar, Bulandshahr, and Baghpat together constituting about 31.8% ( 10,853 sq. km.) of the Region; &
  4. The Rajasthan Sub-Region comprises of Alwar district constituting about 24.5% (8,380 sq. km.) of the Region ; &


S. No. Constituent Area (in sq kms)
1. NCT-Delhi Sub-region 1,483
2. Haryana Sub-region 13,428
3. Rajasthan Sub-region 8,380
4. Uttar Pradesh Sub-region 10,853
  Total (National Capital Region) 34,144

NCR Planning Board in its 33rd meeting held on 01.07.2013 has approved the proposal for inclusion of Bharatpur district of Rajasthan and Bhiwani & Mahendragarh districts of Haryana State in National Capital Region (NCR) and Jaipur as Counter Magnet Areas for NCR. Ministry of Urban Development vide notification No. S.O. 2979 (E) dated 01.10.2013 has notified additional areas i.e. Bharatpur district of Rajasthan and Bhiwani & Mahendragarh districts of Haryana State in NCR.

Counter Magnet Areas :

The NCR Planning Board Act, 1985, under Section 8 (f), empowers the Board to select any area outside the NCR having regard to its location, population and potential for growth as a ‘Counter Magnet Area’ in consultation with the State Government concerned with a view to achieving the objectives of the Regional Plan. 

The NCR Planning Board, in the Regional Plan-2001, identified the following five counter magnet areas:

  • Hissar in Haryana
  • Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh
  • Kota in Rajasthan
  • Patiala in Punjab
  • Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh

The Counter-Magnet areas are to act: 

  • “As interceptors of migratory flows into NCR, which may escalate, as the accelerated development of NCR would provide a pull to migrants from the less developed adjoining areas; and
  • As Regional Growth Centres, that would be able to achieve a balanced pattern of urbanization in the Region of their own setting over a period of time.”

The Regional Plan-2021 has continued the policy of development of Counter Magnet Areas. Further, NCR Planning Board under took a Study on “Counter Magnet Areas to Delhi and NCR” which examined the migration pattern to NCR and recommended the Counter Magnet Areas.  The recommendations of the Study on “Counter Magnet Areas to Delhi and NCR” and modified Chapter 18 of the Regional Plan-2021 were placed before the NCR Planning Board in the 31st Meeting held on 11.11.09  and the same were approved by the Board.  The public objections/suggestions were invited on modified Chapter 18 of the Regional Plan-2021 under Section 12 (1) of the NCR Planning Board Act, 1985 read with Rule 23 of the NCR Planning Board Rules, 1985 up to 15.3.2010. 

According to the modified Chapter 18, following cities/towns have been proposed as Counter-Magnet Areas for NCR

i) Ambala in Haryana
ii) Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh
iii) Dehradun in Uttrakhand
iv) Hissar in Haryana
v) Kanpur Nagar in Uttar Pradesh

Board also decided that these Counter-Magnet Areas shall be an area of about 120 kms radius around above identified towns as zone of influence for migration.  The concerned State Governments shall notify their respective Counter Magnet Areas proposed to be developed in & around these towns and prepare Development Plan and Plan of Action for its implementation.  It was also decided that other existing CMAs, namely, Gwalior in MP, Kota in Rajasthan and Patiala in Punjab would continue as to be Counter-Magnet Areas.

A map of the Counter Magnet Areas is as follows:


S. No.

Name of the Counter-Magnet Area




Uttar Pradesh



Madhya Pradesh















Uttar Pradesh