National Capital Region Planning Board
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NCR Planning & Monitoring Cells

There are four Planning & Monitoring Cells located, respectively, in Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan & Delhi. These Cells are working under the administrative control of the respective State Govts. and are multi-disciplinary in nature and act as coordinating agencies for various sectoral programmes. They also strive to ensure coordination of these programmes with policies as contained in Regional/ Sub-regional/ Functional Plans of NCRPB. The following NCR Cells an effective instrument for implementing the Regional Plan 2021 and various projects complementary thereto with a view to promoting harmonized, balanced and sustainable development in the participating States.

1. NCR Planning and Monitoring Cell - Delhi

2. NCR Planning and Monitoring Cell - Uttar Pradesh

3. NCR Planning and Monitoring Cell - Rajasthan

4. NCR Planning and Monitoring Cell - Harayana