Delegation of Financial Powers

The functions, powers and duties of the Board (i) to incur administrative expenses of the Board under clause (a) of sub-section 2 of section 22, and (ii) to exercise administrative control and to administer the terms and conditions of employment of the officers and employees of the Board as stipulated in the regulations, is delegated to the Member Secretary as detailed below:-

Sl. No Nature of power Extent of power.
1. Operation of bank accounts


power to open accounts for the Board in accordance with the rules.


to authorise any employee or employees of the Board to operate the account individually or jointly. 

2. Purchase of Office furniture and equipments. Full powers for purchase, running and maintenance and repairs of machinery including office furniture and equipments.
3. Purchase of stationery. Full powers.
4. Telephone Charges. Full power. Full power to get new telephone connection, payment of rentals call charges, etc.

(a)  creation of posts in the Board.

(b) selection of candidates for    appointments in the Board.

(c)  appointments in the Board.

Full power to be exercised by the Personnel Group.


selection and appointment to posts the maximum of scale of pay of which is more than Rs. 1600/- will be done by the Personnel Group and will be subject to approval by Chairman.


selection to other posts to be made by the Member Secretary.


All appointments to posts, the maximum of scale of pay of which exceeds Rs. 1600/- will be made in the name of Board.


In respect of others the appointments will be made by the Member Secretary.

6. Purchase and maintenance of staff car/ vehicles. Full power for purchase, running, maintenance and repair.
7. Printing charges. Full power.
8. Contingency expenditure Full power.
9. Power to grant conveyance allowances to employees of the Board. Full power. The rate and condition of the allowance should be the same as are applicable to the Central Govt. servants.
10. To grant honorarium to persons working in the Board as also persons other than these working in the Board for services rendered by them to the Board. Upto Rs. 1000/- in each case.
11. To grant earned leave and other kinds of leave to staff working in the Board. Full power.
12. Grant of leave salary advance. Full power.
13. To sanction advance of TA to the staff working in the Board including LTC as applicable under the Govt. rules. To the extent admissible under the Central Govt. rules.
14. To exercise all powers of controlling officer for travelling allowance bills Full power.

To incur expenditure on entertainment during:

(a)  Meetings of the Board.

(b)  Meeting of the Group.

(c)  Meetings of the Committee.

(d)  Other official meetings.


Full power.

Full power.

Subject to a ceiling of Rs. 2000/- in a quarter.

Subject to a ceiling of Rs. 1000/- per month.  The above ceilings will be subject to relaxation by the Chairman if the circumstances so warrant. 

16. To sanction purchase of drawing stationery. Full power.
17. To advertise in newspapers and journals. Full power.
18. To sanction OTA to eligible staff. Full power.
19. Sanction of permanent advance of imprest. Full power.
20. Grant of advance to employees of the Board for the purchase of bicycle. Full power.
21. To incur expenditure on provision of liveries to Peons/ Drivers. Full power.

Approval of tour of officers/ employees of the Board.

i)    Through entitled class.

ii)   Journey by air or by class higher    than the entitled class.

iii) Reimbursement of actual expen- diture of boarding/ lodging for officers/ employees while on tour in special cases subject to ceiling as prescribed in Govt. rules.


Full power.
23. Non-interest bearing advance; Festival advance/ Medical advance in special cases/ advances for natural calamities subject to rules as prescribed in GFR 1963, FR/SR and other instructions issued by the Govt. of India from time to time. Full power.
24. Comprehensive insurance of vehicles. Full power.
25. MS will excersie the powers of the HOD uhder various rules namely, Fundamental Rules, Supplementary Rules, Delegation of Financial Powers Rules 1971, Feneral Financial Rules. General Provident Fund, Contributery Provident Fund and Medical attendance Rules of the Government. . Full power.
26. Condemnation of Motor vehicles. Full power subject to the conditions stipulated in DFPR.
27. Deficiencies & depreciations in the value of store(other than motor vehicles included in stock & other accounts) . ------DO--------.

Any other administrative expenses of the Board the power to incur which has not been included in the list above shall be incurred by the Member Secretary with the approval of the Chairman of the Board.