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 Reports & Output of ADB TA Project

TA-7114 - INDIA: Project Prepatory Technical Assistance (PPTA) for various Sub-Projects under ADB Financing

The project preparatory work under the capitoned TA include, among others : i) an instituional assessment, including safeguards assessment, of NCRPB as well as various implementing agencies that work with NCRPB; ii) review the road map for development of the NCR as laid down in Regional Plan and assess priority investments to accelerate the implementation of the Regional Plan, including investments in the counter magnet towns; iii) recommend a lending program to NCRPB; and iv) recommend a technical assistance loan program for NCRPB and implementing agencies based on the institutional assessment to improve capacities and accelerate urban infrastructure development in NCR.

The project preparatory technical assistance (PPTA) was approved by ADB on 22.8.2008. The contract for the consultant's services between ADB and M/s Sheladia Associates Inc., USA was signed on 29.7.2009. The Consultant has submitted its Final Report (9 volumes) which are as under :


TA-7055- INDIA: Technical Assistantance by Asian Development Bank for Capacity Development of the National Capital Region Planning Board

1. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved an advisory Technical Assistance (TA) of US $ 2 Million for Capacity Development for the NCRPB in the area of planning and financing of urban infrastructure and to impart necessary skills to conceive, design, develop, appraise and implement good quality infrastructure projects for planned development of the NCR. The TA will help address institutional and implementation issues pertaining to accelerating urban infrastructure development in the NCR and is likely to lead to more investment in water supply, sewerage, solid waste management, and urban mass transport. It is also expected to improve efficiencies in the NCR. More investment and improved efficiencies will have a positive impact on basic urban services and thus a direct positive impact on the quality of life of the urban poor and on the urban environment.

2. The TA project has been divided in three broad components viz. Component A: Business Process Reengineering & Skills Development for NCRPB; Component B: Skills and Process Improvements in Project Preparation by the Implementing Agencies; and Component C: Urban and Regional Planning. The National Capital Region Planning Board is the executing agency for the project and a Steering Committee headed by the Member Secretary, NCRPB has been set up in the Board for monitoring various activities under the project. The TA programme will deliver the following outputs:

  • Preparation of standard procedure manuals/toolkits for identifying projects and preparing DPRs and development of a user friendly website for the implementing agencies that will include various manuals and guidelines for preparing good quality DPRs;
  • Systems, procedures, and manuals in such areas as project appraisal, credit appraisal, portfolio management, risk management and treasury operations, resource mobilization; and
  • Training and capacity building of NCRPB and other implementing agencies through training programs, workshops and International and National good practices field visits.

Component A & C: Consulting Firm: Infrastructure Professional Enterprise (IPE) Ltd.

Work under the component A & C started from 13th October, 2008 and the consulting firm have submitted following Reports/Documents.

Component A: Business Process Reengineering and Skills Development for NCRPB
  Business Plan for NCRPB
  Financing Plan April 2009
  Criteria for Financial Assessment of Borrowers  
  Project Development Fund (Concept Note)
  Financial Management Manual Volume I
  Financial Management Manual Volume II: Annexes
  Treasury Management Manual
  Risk Management Manual and Risk Framework
  Project Appraisal
  Process Maps User Documents
  MIS Good Practices Manual For ERP System Developers
  Human Resource Gap Analysis
  Training Needs Assessment and Strategic Training Plan
  Human Resource Management Plan
Component C: Urban and Regional Planning and Other Activities
  GIS A Framewark of Alternative Technology Options
  GIS Road Map
  Project Management Reports : ADB 7055IND: Capacity Development of NCRPB (Package 1) Component A & C

Component B: Consulting Firm: Wilbur Smith Associates Ltd.

Work under component ‘B’ started from 15th September, 2008. The constituent state governments and also MCD were requested to identify projects in various infrastructure sectors, for which model DPRs could be prepared by the ADB Consultants under the project. Based on the response and interest shown, following projects in towns of Ghaziabad & Hapur in U.P and Panipat and Sonepat in Haryana have been taken up for preparation of model DPRs under ADB TA.

Inception Report
Interim Report
Final Report

City Level Environmental Infrastructure Investment Plan (Draft)

 Hapur Town, Uttar Pradesh

 Khurja Town, Uttar Pradesh

 Panipat Town, Haryana

Solid Waste Management Master Plan (Draft)

 Hapur Town, Uttar Pradesh

 Khurja Town, Uttar Pradesh

 Panipat Town, Haryana

 Capacity Building Activities

Forms for ESMS