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India is fast urbanizing and this trend is fully visible in NCR.As per Census 2011, 31.2% of the total population lives in urban areas ...

Chapter2-The Region

The National Capital Region includes NCT-Delhi, nine districts of Haryana, six districts of Uttar Pradesh and one district of Rajasthan...

Chapter3-Aims,Objectives & Policy Zones

The broad objective of the Regional Plan-2021 "for promoting growth and balanced development of the Region...

Chapter4-Demographic Profile

The NCR contains about 7.6% of India’s urban population and 2.1% of the total rural population of India. About 4.4 % of the India’s urban population..

Chapter5-Economic Scenario

NCR contributed 7.1 percent to India’s GDP in 2009-10, whereas its share in the population was 3.8 percent and its land area even lesser at 1 percent..


Objectives of the Transport Plan are: (i) to provide efficient and economic rail and road based transportation system well integrated with ..


Electricity is one of the critical infrastructure on which the socio-economic development of the country or a region depends....


Water is a natural resource,fundamental to life and livelihood, agriculture and sustainable development.NCR is a water scarce region.

Chapter9-Sewerage & SWM

Sewerage is a core element of the physical infrastructure that determines the environmental status of any settlement.....


Provision of effective and efficient Telecom facilities in the entire NCR holds immense significance in the context of Regional Plan, where the ultimate..


Housing is a basic necessity and an important component of human settlement planning. Demand and supply gap in housing leads to proliferation of..

Chapter12-Social Infrastructure

The Regional Plan-2021 for the National Capital Region specifically recognised the growth-stimulating and sustaining role of social infrastructure..

Chapter13-Heritage & Tourism

The NCR is endowed with a vast and multilayered history of diverse cultural heritage and natural resources with prospects to develop the Region ...


The region is endowed with several ecologically sensitive natural features which needs to be preserved and protected.The Chapter on Environment.

Chapter15-Disaster Management

TGeo-climate conditions and rapid development of NCR makes it vulnerable to disasters, both manmade disaster..

Chapter16-Rural Development

Rural settlements, located in the fast growing Central National Capital Region, are undergoing physical and socio-economic changes, particularly..

Chapter17-Regional Land Use

Landuse change analysis indicates that during the period 1999-2012,built-up area has increased by 2.81%(95803.97 ha.)from 8.1% to 10.91% of the total..

Chapter18-Counter Magnet Areas

The counter-magnet area for NCR have been proposed to act as interceptors of migratory flows into NCR....

Chapter19-Implementation Strategies

The focus of Plan should be on improving the level of urban infrastructure as well as social..

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Evolution of Concept of National Capital Region

Delhi has been experiencing phenomenal growth of population since 1951 recording decennial growth rate of 52.44%, 52.91%, 52.98%, 51.45% and 47.03% during 1951-61, 1961-71, 1971-81 and 1991-01 decades respectively. One of the main causes for this spurt in the growth of population is migration into the city not only from the adjacent states but also from others such as Bihar.

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